Jo & Elliott's Huge Adventure

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Quotes for 2017

I love quotes and try to post my favorites.

Update: So much has happened

A lot has happened since we drove to Sacramento, stayed for 3 months with the new baby, flew home with the dogs and spent a couple of months in Plymouth. The girls hated flying. They were in two bags but Cloey bit through her bag in about 30 seconds.

It was an uneventful time. We flew back June 5 and arrived at night. I got a call June 6 that mom had passed at a little after 12:00 noon right after she ordered lunch. She went peacefully but the grief and shock is still new. We flew home on the same plane we flew in on and left our shell-shocked furbabies with Arik, Jessica, Eliana and Butters.

We spent the week burying mom when the the Rabbi was there a rainbow came out. I know it was mom and I saw another rainbow when we drove the motorhome back to Sacramento Dec. 22!

 Jaisa and Matt are going strong. It will be 2 years in April. Jaisa bought a condo and they are living together.
 Before mom passed I spent Mother's Day weekend with Sheera and had a fabulous time. Elliott spent the day with mom and she was alert while they watched an old movie.

 Elliott retired in December but he is still on the payroll until June, when mom passed we decided to move to CA. I turned 65 and am on Medicare!! Moving was a huge decision. I never have left MA or the BEACH. But the stars were in alignment and mom gave me her blessing I do believe. We sold our house in 6 days, passed papers Dec. 22 and then hit the road. We are at Sac West RV Park where we stayed both times when we came here and just yesterday put an offer on a house!!

Eliana is a joy and we are totally in love. She has 3 1/2 teeth and just started really walking. She took 25 steps when we were there. She will be 1 tomorrow, January 13!  Most pictures relating to everything I am writing can be found on Facebook. 

It is a new, scary, exciting adventure! 

Finally by some Russian intervention or some really nutty people Donald Trump will be our President. He is not my president and I will resist.