Jo & Elliott's Huge Adventure

Friday, February 27, 2015

Onto the RV Show and the East Coast

January 14, 2015

We headed to Tampa for the huge Tampa RV showed. We stayed overnight at the fairgrounds and that worked out great. We went into one that costs $1.4 million and saw a couple of units we loved and would consider in the future.

January 15, 2015

Was yesterday and we drove to Port St. Lucie to PSL RV mobile home and park. There is nothing here. There are new owners who are attempting to redo the mobile homes, put down new pads for the RVs and will at some point make a “campground.” It is great for us because it feels as if we have the place to ourselves and lots of room for the girls to roam, the clamshell and everything is around us.

January 16, 2015    
I didn’t sleep last night for two reasons 1: I have a regular cup of coffee in the afternoon and we went to the Golden Corral. Elliott saw a retina specialist who said his eye looks good, the pressure is great and it is healing well after the “complication” at home.

Elliott went for a bike ride after we went to Publix and I got a better wrist splint for what I am diagnosing as osteoarthritis and I slept and am now catching up on loading my pics and catching up on computer stuff. The Wi-Fi here is amazing. We are waiting to get cable and plan on a month here.

January 18

Yesterday we got cable so yeah!! we can watch the Patriots today. We went to Walton Rocks Beach, which is great with roaring waves, close bathrooms and lots of room to play! The girls had so much fun!! Below is our site and two pics from yesterday.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Our 3-month journey to Florida December, 2014 to March 2015

Fort DeSoto Campground

Fort DeSoto Dog Beach
We left Plymouth on Friday December 26, giving Elliott’s eye a bit more time to heal (cataract surgery complication needing retina surgery!). We had great weather for two days. First night we stayed on the NJ Turnpike and last night at Americamps RV Resort where we stayed last year. It is a wonderful place but dogs are not allowed to be left unattended so we wouldn’t stay for more than a stopover.
Americamps site

December 28, 2014 is tonight and we were shocked that South of the Border was full of back in sites. We have never had that problem. It is usually empty but this is about 2 weeks later than we usually get here. Luckily we found Bass Lake Campground, not much more money than South of the Boarder that had pull throughs so that is where we are. It was raining today but not bad at all. Hopefully we are not in for bad weather tomorrow. We will be in Kingsland, Georgia G-d willing. 
Bass River Site

I have been knitting and playing on my phone. Bought some items from eBay.

Note: Flying J is at 106 North Carolina. Great place for gas and I think we can stay there.

December 31, 2014

We finally got to Clearwater late yesterday afternoon. It was really nice going at a slow pace and not having our backs hurting from sitting too long.

Two nights ago we slept at KOA in Kingsland, GA where we had pancakes with the fixings for breakfast.  This is the 2nd time this was offered for free and wow what a nice perk. 

Breakfast at KOA

We had a terrific dinner last night at Pattaya Thai Sushi Restaurant Clearwater, which was so good I just had to give them 5 stars on yelp.

It rained yesterday and I know Cloey and Zoey are glad to be on non-moving ground! This morning after a little coaxing we are seeing Aunt Doris and Uncle Stanley.

Very strange but at 6:30a.m. we started hearing a marching band?? Loudly!! And it is now 8 and it is still going strong. 

We learned the marching band was for a huge college football game tomorrow. We met Doris and Stanley for breakfast. They were delighted to see us, if reticent at first due to memories issues. It was a great visit and we are so glad we pushed a bit.

I was the one who killed the idea of first night St. Pete opting for a stay at home night watching the ball drop and listening to “music.”

January 2, 2015 we headed to Honeymoon Beach. This is an on leash beach. We are having a hard time with Zoey’s barking and out of control behavior!!!

We picked up a Denzel Washington movie, which was excellent. Something like The E…nforcer?? maybe

January 2, 2015

We drove to Tampa and hung out with Shelly and Judd and their new 25 year old 44 foot yacht. It is big! It’s in great shape and they will have lots of fun with it. It is in a yacht club and they are members so we had a great lunch at their restaurant, went to Publix and came home to two crazy Havanese doggies.

Tomorrow, Saturday we are off to Fort DeSoto.  

January 4, 2015

Today is my 63rd birthday. I can’t believe I am an “elder.” In any case when I checked in we were able to get 4 more nights in another spot YEAH!! We’ll have to move but we figured that and we will have to dump since there is no sewer here.

After we set up we headed to the beach where Zoey went after all the dogs like a big shot but later when we took them for a walk they did their usual – hiding behind us and begging to be picked up. I so wish I took a picture – Cloey went running and jumped up on a total stranger. It was really funny and the woman was ok with it but when wet Zoey went jumping onto the man she was with he wasn’t too happy! But the whole thing was cute. 

We went to an inexpensive Chinese buffet that was ok but not Crazy Buffet, which is closed (: 

January 5, 2015

I had a great birthday. A perfect day on the beach. Dog watching LOL!! The girls had fun. We went to Denny’s J because I got a Grand Slam for free, which I think I’ve done every year now. We came back and watched my shows that started new for the season. 

It is cloudy today so maybe we will have the beach to ourselves. Great hotspot here at site 108!!

January 8, 2015

Today may be the first day we won’t go to the beach. It is cooool Ok now like in Boston and other parts of the country but high 50s means a winter coat on the beach. We have a nice routine down. We get up, take  care of the girls, have breakfast and about 11 we head to the beach, which is 5 minutes away Zoey has been excellent the last couple of days. Not as much barking and coming on our command.

At about 4:30 we head back, take showers, have dinner and then settle in for a few hours of TV. Nice life!! 

January 10, 2015

It has been really cool so yesterday I stayed in and rested since I hadn’t slept. Elliott went for an hour bike ride and then took the girls for a walk. 

We went to Walmart and spent over two hours some of which was watching a display of a promo item for cooking. It was actually a great product if you cook but we got something for free. It makes curly qs out of things like apples. 

Today, Saturday we might go to the Flea Market but I am being really lazy. We want to watch the Pats so we’ll skip the beach – it isn’t even 60 degrees so it might be another do nothing day especially since we have two months on the beach.We ended up not going to the Flea Market and we couldn't watch the Patriots because we couldn't get the channel!! (::

I am posting this on Feb. 6. As the weeks go on, there is very little dialogue and more pics! And the Patriots won the Superbowl.