Jo & Elliott's Huge Adventure

Monday, March 23, 2015

On to Myrtle Beach

A couple more inches of snow in Boston will break the record. 108 inches. We did pick the right year to be away for 3 months.

March 12, 2015  LOTS of MELTING!!

March 7, 2015

March 8 was the girls' 3rd birthday!! We celebrated it; however, going to rehab to see Alan.

It is hard to believe this fantasy life is coming to an end. We are leaving Sunday, March 15 after so many days at the beach, so many meals out, so many movies and just fun!

We'll spend several days at Myrtle Beach and though cool the beach is off leash during non-peak hours so it will be a nice stop on our way to New York to see friends and Sheera.

The girls will be groomed again on Friday. It is sooner than usual but they need a bath!!

March 20, 2015

We left Port St. Lucie wishing we could spend another month there. We all had an awesome time there. 

We encountered a problem!! in the Ormand Beach area. We saw smoke coming out of the underneath of the RV. Called Good Sam and we were towed to a truck/RV fixit shop. We were able to plug in there so we had water and electricity and luckily this only cost us one day and some money, which we think Ford will reimburse us for. 

Pirateland is the campground we decided on in Myrtle Beach. 

It is great because the sites have a covered area so the girls' corral is in it! This has been very good considering it has been raining a lot so we are leaving Sunday rather than Monday (today is Friday). We are on about #12 buffet. OMG. Luckily we don't have these at home!!

The WiFi isn't as good as it was at PSL village and the beach is on leash only so as beautiful as it is, the girls can't have fun and Zoey gets very frustrated. 

We went to a dying flea market but at least we got a bell. We will try another one today. I really haven't had a good flea market fix all these months. 

We went to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, which really took a hit during Hugo so if you go although the boardwalk itself is very long and nice there isn't much on the board walk except a famous ferris wheel and a couple of rides. We also went to Broadway on the Beach, which is a huge shopping center. It was really pretty and a nice place to walk around. 

Today is Tuesday, March 24 and it is truly the end of a fabulous 3 months. If all goes well we will do 4 months next year. I am writing this at our last stop, which is a night in New Jersey. 

We stayed here years ago. As computer and TV addicts having both work well is REALLY nice and that is true of Timberlane. 

Last night we stayed at a campground, Americamps, which we stayed at on our way down. They have free breakfast, which is nice but they are more money than other campgrounds.  The wifi was non-existent, though they said we would have it and the TV was better than the night before. 

We left the girls in our motorhome and had a great salad buffet at Ruby Tuesdays. We sat where we could watch them!!


For us Myrtle Beach was a disappointment primarily because the girls couldn't be off leash. Zoey was very frustrated not being able to run and frolic in the water. It would be like taking an 10-year old to DisneyWorld and telling the kid he or she can't go on any rides...just for anyone reading this who might not be a dog person! 

We will be on our way to New York, where we will spend a few days with friends and Saturday in the city with daughter. 

Elliott's brother is having a hard time. Mom will turn 85 next month and is getting harder and harder to transfer. She has had three falls in the last couple of months and a couple of colds so I am looking forward to seeing her though I really could have stayed in FL longer:)

Friday, March 20, 2015

February 28, 2015

The last day of the month. It occurred to me that I post so much on Facebook I don't need a blog. Still I do like writing a bit more.

We went to Jai Lai in Fort Pierce and won! We had a wonderful meal in that town at a restaurant called S & S takeout. It made me want to eat super healthy!!

We've gone to a few buffets - not so healthy.

We have seen Anna and Alan and even got to see Thomas during one visit (our nephew).

The girls never get tired of the beach but today it is pouring so we'll stay in. We have such a great Wi Fi connection that we set up Hulu and I'm catching up on shows I missed because we can't tape them or don't get them (House of Cards for example).

We have seen many of the Oscar nominees and are really shocked that Boyhood didn't win over Birdman but I guess that is one reason I never reviewed movies on epinions.

We love it at PSL Village but it would be nice if we could be more sociable but there really isn't the opportunity.

Mom is doing great and has yet to ask me when we are coming home. That could be because it is a record breaking snow season in MA so she is glad she doesn't have to worry about  my driving.

We lost another member of CBJ to cancer who was 69. I'm not putting off dessert; in fact, I'm having doubles!!!

I posted this pic on Facebook but I just love it.

I sold one bracelet on OfferUp, where people near you buy so there is no postage and several on eBay so I'm excited about that. Over and out for now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lazy days at the beach

Who could ask for anything more if you are a beach lover like all four of us?

Long days, collecting shells, reading, Elliott going bike riding, watching the spinner sharks
 and the girls having the times of their lives.

These giant herons??? were seen where we are staying. Fount out that they are called Sandhill herons. 
It is a rainy day. We may just chill but after the windy day on the beach yesterday and the girls grooming, that isn't such a bad idea. I haven't written in awhile. It is already Feb. 6 and we have decided to stay here for Feb 15 to Mar 15 instead of going to Beverly Beach Campground in Flagler Beach because we like it here, the beach is great (no bug bites) and there is so much to do. 

A couple more pics:

After their grooming
On rainy days we've been going to the movies (saw 4 Oscar nominated movies) and actually there have been few days with rain. Some wind for sure!! but we use our umbrella to block the wind. 

We lost a member of the Jewish community to cancer. She was only 49 and Elliott's brother is having surgery for colon cancer. Every day is a gift for us. 

Today, Feb. 6 we saw a giant turtle - I mean giant- in the water. I'm afraid he was sick. I don't like to think about it but what a site!

We have been going out to eat a couple of times a week and tonight there is a pot luck at the campground.