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Monday, November 16, 2015

Baby Eliana Marie's Baby Shower


We headed to CA for 5 nights. The prime reason was to go to their baby shower held at Jessica's parents' (Karen and Randy) home. Arik and Jessica bought a beautiful house in Sacramento in which we stayed. Her parents are wonderful and we look forward to "hanging out" once we get there when the baby is born. We met Dee, Karen's mom, Randy's parents and Karen and Randy's 2 sons and too many others to name. We we were recruited to help cook (YES cook! ) and had a lot of fun learning how to roll, stuff and chop!

Along with the kids taking us to see ELF they also let us sit with them while Jessica had a 3D ultrasound. Those of you our age will be blown away by this technology. So meet Eliana....

          Opening presents at home.




THANK YOU!! to Grandma Dee for these photos though she isn't in them! 

More pictures!! Yeah

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Callum H. said...

Great photos and lovely blog. Thanks for sharing this with us. Visit me whenever you can. Take care, Callum H.